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Our First Common Ground Fair

By :Nick Bergmann 2 comments
Our First Common Ground Fair

We made it through the Common Ground Fair! Full disclosure, neither Kate nor I had ever attended before. This is not very strange in my case as I am from "Away," but Kate grew up in Bangor. She has no excuse. As we drove out of the field one last time exhausted from three days of manning the booth Kate said, "I cannot believe I never came before, we will be going every year with the family from now on." 

We were luckier than some vendors as we were able to trade off booth duties and explore the grounds with Percy. It was one of the most communal and accepting places I have been in my life. An experience I wish I could bottle up and reopen occasionally to refresh my memory. Maybe there was just a little something special about this one, as the last two had been cancelled due to COVID, I guess I will find out next year. 

One of the highlights of the fair was recognizing the faces of repeat customers. One of our wonderful customers brought back two items for immediate credit and purchased a new pair of pants with it. This was the gamble we took when we started our business--whether people will take the extra step and utilize the Patches Project--and we were delighted to see the program in action. 

A huge thank you to our wonderful neighbors, Scout and Bean and Timberstone Rustic Arts. We had the most amazing time sharing long days with these folks. 

And our biggest heartfelt THANK YOU to Kate's parents: John and Joyce, and Martha and Irwin. And, of course, my own parents, Keith and Lisa. They do not live in Maine but have helped in countless ways. Without all of their support Peace House Studio wouldn't exist. 

No time to rest--we are stocking up for the fall and winter Maker's Markets at Thompson's Point. We'll be there for the October market on the 23rd. Hope to see you there!

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Scout Fundraising Ideas
Jul 16, 2023

Nov 20, 2022

KATE – you never went to the Common Ground Fair!? I went every year for so much of my childhood! I’m so glad you got to go and that it was so wonderful – I wish I could have been there!!!

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