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Bonne Chan Paper Dolls

Hi, my name is Sebastian, an entrepreneur and artist based in Jakarta, Indonesia. I’ve always loved playing with paper dolls since I was a kid, that’s why I decided to create my own paper doll. In this increasingly digital age, I want to share the joy of playing with them and the most fun thing with paper dolls is that you can always expand their own wardrobe and create their friends with just your own creativity, drawing tools and paper. Find more of my work on Etsy, instagram @bonnechanpaperdolls, or take a look at my Pinterest.

Sana Khan

Sana is a Pakistani-Canadian illustrator and visual development artist with a love for all things whimsy and magical. Her illustrations are bold, playful, and vibrant, and often center themes of childhood wonder, imagination, and nostalgia. As a woman of color, Sana prioritizes creating artwork that is inclusive and empowering. To see more of Sana’s work, follow her on instagram @shepaintsseashells or visit her on her webpage.