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Thoughts On Our World

By :Nick Bergmann 0 comments
Thoughts On Our World

Blogging about small business and family adventures seems inadequate in times like these. Our world is in turmoil while I sit in my warm house pondering my great luck to live without constant fear for my family's safety. Yet, I feel lost and powerless as bad news is replaced by worse news. Do I add a Ukrainian flag to my profile picture? Should I boycott Russian literature? Or, is social media grandstanding nothing but kabuki theater with a fresh serving of "freedom fries?"

We started this business because we believe we can do things better than they have been done in the past. That the textile industry can again flourish in Maine, that we can find a more sustainable and equal path forward as a counterpoint to the waste and worker exploitation of the fast-fashion industry. These goals seem tiny in comparison to the images of people huddled in subways while their city is bombed. 

We can not allow helplessness to become hopelessness. If you are a praying person pray, if you are a wealthy person donate to a cause, but I believe the most important thing one can do is vote. A vote for a candidate that supports green technology is a vote to free ourselves from autocratic petrostates as well as a cleaner environment for our children.

Next month we will have more announcements about upcoming events and our schedule for the summer, but for now I am going to watch my children and think about what I can do to make a better future. Perhaps we should all carry sunflower seeds in our pockets so they will grow when we are gone.

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