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Peace House 2.0!

By :Nick Bergmann 0 comments
Peace House 2.0!

Late winter upgrades and enhancements are happening behind the scenes at Peace House Studio. At the end of last year, we were awarded a grant from Maine Made to invest in our business. We could not be more grateful to them for this opportunity as it provides us financial wiggle room to redesign our website, create content, and begin investing in the next steps for our business.

We are excited to partner with Carefree Creative to update our website and start creating regular content. The current website was built on a shoestring budget with a low-cost developer and my own coding skills. I've learned a lot, but it's time to have some expert input and design. 

We are also looking forward to working with Guided Makers who will lend us their expertise of the industry and formalize the technical elements of making our products to help us prepare for the future.

Again, we can not thank Maine Made enough as much of this would not be possible without this organizational support.


Peace House Startup

We have come a long way from researching how to start a business at the Bangor library!



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